Boho Necklace Lapis Lazuli Blue Diamond Medallion Golden Brass Statement Vintage Necklace

$ 44
This is a beautiful vintage 1970s boho diamond shape medallion necklace. Beautiful dark blue Lapiz Lazuli stone(blue with specs of gold in it) Made of Turkey, two strands of golden brass with 17 Lapis stone, diamond shape pendants which are interlace with small brass metal beads and burgundy wood beads.
Also lots of tiny brass metal beads that lead up to the hook closure. Super comfortable even with all the pretty pendants this is not too heavy or uncomfortable. Hook back closure sits at the heart of the chest. This is made by Afghan Tribal aka Kuchi Alpaca. This is 22" long and the necklace drop is 9” from clasp to the bottom center. Comes in a gift box.