Levi Jeans Vintage Denim Black Charcoal CUSTOM-FIT All SIZES Straight Leg 501 Levi's Boyfriend Jeans

$ 225
They look like his but fit like they were made for you.
These Levi's boyfriend jeans are the ultimate love-worn style, on-trend for year-round wear. These come with raw hem and tatter at the front.
Choose either our 501's button-fly, or regular Levi zip-fly, five-pocket silhouette, belt loops, rivets.
(Vintage Levi's don't run true to size like modern jeans, have no stretch and vintage sometimes is "shrink to fit" so the actual size on the label varies.
You can checkout with any size but we really encourage you to submit your specs.
You can have these tattered/destroyed if you prefer, just message us

The button-fly 501's have the slimmer fit in the thigh area, these are in no way skinny jeans and have a loose fit throughout the calves. They are more sought after, button fly, thicker denim, collectible, and gain value with age. These are not skinny jeans, they are classic vintage Levis, with a loose fit from the knee down.

✂- - -Measurements- - -

<<<NOTE Please contact us or add this with your order*>>>>(If you don't add this to your order, you will get the Waist Size you order, No Tatter/Destroy and Any random inseam length)
*Waist(most narrow part)
Low waist(the wide-area across hips just below the belly button)
Booty/Hips(around the widest part of apple/cheeks)
Inseam(measures length from inside leg/crotch to bottom hem) we will match the length within 3 inches you may need to roll your hem!
*Destroyed/tatter Preference:
Little (a few tatters at hips)
Medium (tatter at hips and one knee)
High ( tatter at hips, both knees)
Extra-High/heavy (lots of tatters everywhere)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Material: denim
Label: LEVI, these will vary slightly with each pair, you will get a Levi brand, age will vary, style varies unless you get the 501
Color: blue tones or black tone (your choice)

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